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Solutions for document work
automation for quasi-government organizations
Refuse paper documents and transform your document management to electronic legitimate format.

All you need for work

Send letters/resolutions to subordinate organizations

Monitor document execution. End-to-end control

Sign and send unlimited amount of documents

Who can you interact with via Documentolog EDMS?

Quasi-government organization
Government organizations/quasi-government organizations
Private companies

Our solutions are trusted by

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АО Jusan Bank
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Freedom Finance Insurance
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Эффект от использования

0 min

for signing and sending a document


less time spent by employees on document management


less paper is used for document work

Why do customers choose Documentolog?


Check status of sent documents on the counterparty/government organization’s side.

Refuse courier services

You don not need to use courier services anymore. Send documents online in 5 minutes.

Document storage

Store all of you documents in one place and eliminate risk of document loss. Quick document search.

Reduction of financial expenses

Lower expenses spent on paper, stationery, document printing supplies (printers, cartridges), and more.

Time savings

Reduce the time, spent by employees, on reviewing and approving documents. Delivery time to the assigned document executor is significantly reduced to a couple of seconds.

Performance improvement

The system makes work transparent: Documentolog EDMS provides tools for monitoring employees’ discipline and performance.

Enhanced information security

Access to documents is restricted according to the company's structure, eliminating the risk of unauthorized access to crucial documents.


Work with documents from anywhere around the world. Remote work is easily accessible for your employees.

Start for free
with Documentolog Business!

Sign and send first 5 documents and contracts for free. A lightweight cloud system for automating the main internal processes of the company, which has a pre-configured ready-made configuration and allows you to start working in the system immediately after registration.


Pricing plans


5 documents
for free

The first 5 documents are sent free of charge


Inbox signature is always free

You or your counterparties can always sign incoming documents free of charge without paying a tariff

After the limit is reached, everything will be saved

All incoming and outgoing documents will be saved forever, and access can be obtained at any time!


Only a legal entity's EDS is needed for signing

The EDS itself is not stored with us; you sign using the EDS file on your system

Main functionality of document flow
for your company

For companies and individual enterpreuners

DG Business

Pre-configured cloud solution for automating core business processes online

5,000 ₸ /month
50,000 ₸ /year

Cost for 1 company

Try for free

5 free documents,
incoming documents are forever free

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Automation of business processes of any complexity

For legal entities

DG Platform

A full-fledged BPM system that allows you to digitize and adapt any business processes

Individually calculated

We guarantee the best offer

Easily configurable
system with best practices

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How is the legitimacy of electronic documents ensured?

Compliance with the requirements of the law

According to the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 7, 2003, No. 370-II «On Electronic Document and Electronic Digital Signature.» Article 7, paragraph 1. «An electronic document that meets the requirements of this Law and is certified by an electronic digital signature of a person authorized to sign it is equivalent to a paper document.»

The electronic document is fully legitimate

According to the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 24, 2015, No. 418-V ZRK. Article 35, paragraph 2. «A request submitted in the form of an electronic document certified by an electronic digital signature is equated to a request submitted on paper and signed with the original signature of the person who submitted the request. Such requests are subject to registration in accordance with the document management rules established by the owner or operator of the information system.»