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About Us

Service to sign and send electronic
documents for educational institutions

Special offer - up to 80% discount!
The special offer is valid for all secondary, higher and other educational institutions.
Easy to start
Easy to use
Easy to sign documents

All you need for work

Quick document exchange

Sign with EDS and exchange any documents: letters, invoices, work completion certificates and more.

Contracting with suppliers

Coordinate and sign various types of supply and service contracts online, including bilateral and trilateral agreements.

Employment contracts

Sign employment contracts and agreements online. Send documents to Unified System of Accounting for Employment Contracts in one interface. Integration with service

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Cost calculator

Number of employees:
Documentolog Business
2,388,000 tenge/year
477,600 tenge/year

The tariff is ideal for educational institutions that need to automate basic processes and external interactions with counterparties without significant expenses. The tariff assumes a standard configuration of processes “as is” and allows you to start working in the system immediately after registration.
Documentolog Platform
6,000,000 tenge/year
1,650,000 tenge/year

The tariff is perfect for educational institutions wishing to maximize the automation of all business processes and significantly increase employee efficiency. The tariff includes general, personnel, financial document flow and other business processes as well as the ability to adapt the system to your requirements.
Discount up to
* Maximum system cost - 10 000 000 ₸

Discount conditions:

  • Digitize all interactions with counterparties
  • Sign all employment contracts with employees in the system
  • Sign all contracts with students in the system
  • Provide a platform for meetings with students
  • Banner placement in the university
  • Register students on

What processes can be automated?

Document exchange
Exchange documents with any individuals and companies in electronic legally significant format.
Correspondence with the State Bodies of RK
Send electronic documents to the State Bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Ministry of Labor.
Contracting with legal entities
Sign contracts with EDS online with partners, suppliers, international organizations, other educational institutions and any other counterparties.
Contracting with individuals
Sign contracts with students for education and internships in electronic legitimate format.
Employment contracts
Sign employment contracts with teachers, researchers and other staff online and register contracts on in one interface.
Online departmental interaction
Automate approval/signing processes and other interactions between faculties, dean's offices, branches, departments and other units.
Conduct online voting among students and institution staff. You can choose the type of voting: with electronic signatures or without.
HR document flow
Digitalize company's HR processes: initiate applications, issue orders, manage employee leave or business trips, and more.
Receiving inquiries
Accept inquiries from students and staff online. Track the progress and status of inquiries. Generate reports on inquiries. Make the process as convenient and transparent as possible.
Any other processes
Documentolog solutions allow you to connect the entire teaching and student staff of the institution to the EDM system for 100% automation of document-oriented processes.

40% of Kazakhstan's universities already use our solutions.

ALMA University
South Kazakhstan Medical Academy
Toraighyrov university (Торайгыров университет)
Академия логистики и транспорта
Казахский университет международных отношений и мировых языков имени Абылай хана
Казахстанско-Российский медицинский университет
Университет КАЗГЮУ
Университет Международного Бизнеса
Центр Болонского процесса и академической мобильности
Южно-Казахстанский университет имени М.Ауезова

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